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Journalist in Residence - Melissa Chavez

The Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench now has a Journalist in Residence! I’d like to welcome Melissa Chavez (@capnleela) to the team. Melissa is a data journalist, editor, designer, Open Source Bridge organizer, street art aficionado and social justice advocate. She’ll be working on stories using the workbench, especially those involving mapping and visualizations, and helping with the Macintosh port.

In other news, I’ve just pushed the latest release, 2.9.0, cutesy release code name “But Officer! I was only driving one way!” to Github. As always you can file issues here.

Aside from some major changes to the code base, after attending the first Write the Docs conference, I decided to do a major refactoring of the documentation:

  1. I’m moving most of the documentation to the Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench Wiki. Like much of Github, this is a Git repository and has an API. I’m planning for the wiki to evolve into a ‘book’ on R for Journalists, much like Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R Programming.
  2. I’m experimenting with tools for publishing from RStudio to Github. Pretty much anything that will generate a static site can be used to make Github Pages, although for now I’m sticking with Octopress for the blog and Gollum for the wiki. But you can expect new repositories with some R magic in them.
  3. For now, I am sticking with Scoop.it as my curation platform. I’m impressed with Spundge and RebelMouse, but in the long run I want to migrate as much as possible to my two main platforms, Twitter and Github.

The downside of all this documentation refactoring is dozens of broken links. I’m fixing them as fast as I can, but please file an issue if you find one before I do.

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