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CompJournWin8Pro 0.0.8 Released

I’ve just pushed another release of CompJournWin8Pro, this one tagged v0.0.8. This is going to be the last release for a while. Rather than spend a lot of effort tracking down installers for the numerous options in the full workbench, I want to spend some time making sure I can get the basics done with what’s in the current release.

I am in the process of synchronizing this release with the workbench. That means moving Pandoc and the Graphics and Reproducible Research task views into the workbench platform. I’ll probably also merge the Base and Platform there as well. And I’m hoping to get started on a Macintosh port in the next week or so.

What’s In It?

  • R
  • GGobi
  • RStudio
  • Rtools
  • MikTeX
  • git
  • R Commander
  • Rattle
  • Graphics and Reproducible Research task views
  • Gvim
  • Pandoc
  • PostgreSQL
  • A generous collection of useful CRAN packages

Road Map

  1. v0.0.9 - Bug fixes, documentation tweaks, etc.
  2. v0.1.0 - Full platform release

Getting Started

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