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It Has Begun - the Windows Port

It Has Begun

I just pushed release 0.0.1 of ‘CompJournWin8Pro’ to Github. The rough plan is for a Windows desktop/laptop with ‘CompJournWin8Pro’ to be running most of what’s in the Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench. There are a number of things I’m not initially planning to port, however. Most notable among these are the ‘Linux-only’ pseudo-task views ‘Editing’ and ‘ScrapingTools’. Everything that’s available for Windows R and the Python NLTK and NetworkX tools are definitely on the road map.

Getting Started

  1. Install 64-bit Windows 8 Pro on a 64-bit Intel/AMD system. You need at least 4 GB of RAM for most of these tools to be useful and the more RAM you have, the better. There is no support for
    • Windows 8 “core” or Windows 8 RT,
    • 32-bit Windows, or
    • Older versions of Windows.
  2. Install R 3.0.0 (or later). Older versions of R are not supported.
    • Install the 64-bit R. De-select the 32-bit components unless you know what you’re doing. Having both 64-bit and 32-bit R on your system will most likely just confuse you.
  3. Open the 64-bit R application. Go to ‘Packages -> Install Packages’ and install the ‘installr’ package. If it asks you if you want to use a personal library, answer ‘Yes’. Answer ‘Yes’ again when it asks to create the personal library.
  4. Go back to the R console and enter the following code at the ‘>’ prompt:

  5. Follow the installation recommendations / defaults for GitHub and RStudio. I strongly recommend opening a free GitHub account if you don’t have one already.
  6. Start RStudio. On the ‘Packages’ tab, check the box next to ‘installr’. That should load the ‘installr’ library.
  7. Go to the ‘Console’ window and type install.git(). Yes, you need both GitHub and Git. RStudio can’t find the version of Git supplied with GitHub.
    • In the ‘Select Components’ screen, accept the defaults.
    • In the ‘Adjusting your PATH environment’ screen, select the bottom option: ‘Run Git and included Unix tools from the Windows command prompt’. This is required for RStudio to find the Git tools.
    • In the ‘Configuring the line ending conversions’ screen, select the default (first) option.
  8. Open an issue at https://github.com/znmeb/CompJournWin8Pro/issues/new if anything is broken, unclear, etc.
  9. Licenses:
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