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Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench 2.7.0 “Why, is one missing?” Released

I’ve just pushed the latest release, 2.7.0, cutesy release code name “Why, is one missing?” to Github. As always you can file issues here.

What’s New?

  1. Cutesy release code name: “Why, is one missing?”
  2. PostgreSQL is no longer an option; I’ve moved it and its R interface package into the platform.
  3. I’ve added SQLite, SQLite Manager and the SQLite R interface packages to the platform. The underlying libraries get installed anyway with most full-featured Linux desktops, so all that’s missing is GUI and command line tools for database administration and the R packages,
  4. I’ve added an option to install ownCloud from upstream packages. See the ownCloud option README for links to the online documentation.
  5. I’ve added the wxMaxima symbolic math package to the platform.
  6. I’ve refactored the install scripts. The base components are now found in the ‘Base’ directory and the platform components in the ‘Platform’ directory. The top-level install scripts should function the same way they did in the previous release.

Road Map

  1. Next cutesy release code name: “You don’t - you get down off a goose!”
  2. As you may have noticed from my tweet stream, I’ve been curating general computational and data journalism stories and R for Journalists ‘tool tips’ on two Scoop.it topics. While that’s a convenient way to provide quick distribution of tools I find, it’s not integrated with the workbench.

    So my plan is to expand the Github project wiki with more of this kind of information and to phase out the Scoop.it topics. My inspiration is Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R Programming wiki.

Quick Start

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