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Update: 25 April 2014 - Spring Cleaning

I have begun drastically restructuring my open source projects. The biggest change is that I am abandoning this project. Reasons:

  1. The Fedora component has been superseded by CompJournoStick.
  2. I abandoned the 'dream' of supporting distros other than Ubuntu a while back, and upgrading the Ubuntu component to the recent 14.04LTS release looked too difficult to pull off in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm not abandoning Ubuntu entirely, however. I've begun a new project, OSGeo Live Addons, which is based on OSGeo Live. OSGeo Live is an Xubuntu Live Desktop with a comprehensive set of GIS functionality. To that base I've added the core tools from my computational journalism tool collections, namely RStudio Desktop and Server and the CRAN Spatial, Graphics and Reproducible Research task views. At some point I'll be adding the other task views as options, and I'll be tracking the evolution of OSGeo Live.

As you might have noticed, the new project is hosted on Gitlab, not here on Github. I long ago migrated my private repositories to Bitbucket as a cost saving measure. I will be moving most of my other repositories over to Gitlab in the next few days.

Some of the lesser-used projects will also be abandoned, and CompJournoStick will remain here for at least two weeks while I figure out a way to make the move as seamless as possible for users.