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CompJournoStick 2.2.0 Released

CompJournoStick 2.2.0 Released

I’ve just pushed the latest release of Computational Journalism on a Stick to Github. As always, you can file issues on Github here.

What’s new?

This release (v2.2.0) has a single major enhancement: RStudio Preview Release 0.98b. See the RStudio Preview release notes for more details.

Road Map

  1. Ubuntu 14.04LTS is scheduled to ship on April 17, 2014. Once it ships I will be updating the Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench to work with it. I’m guessing that will take at least a week, and I’ll be normalizing the Linux and R packages to match the current release of CompJournoStick. So look for it in early May.
  2. I’m starting a “publication” of tutorials and stories created using CompJournoStick. The working title is “Reproducible Journalism Weekly”. As the name implies, I’m planning to publish weekly, with perhaps some larger pieces every month. I don’t have the format entirely designed yet, but I’m hoping it will be “responsive” enough to work on a small screen, for example, a ZTE Open Firefox OS phone. “Reproducible Journalism Weekly” will be subscription-only; the tentative pricing is “pay what you want” with a minimum of $3.99 a month.

Some Changes Going Forward

  1. I have replaced Google Analytics with Clicky. As a matter of fact, I closed out my Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Google’s tracking tools are a bewildering morass of options and Google jargon, while Clicky’s control panel is straightforward and intuitive. I get very little traffic from organic search and don’t have the budget for paid search, so there’s little reason for me to waste my energy trying to “optimize” for Google. I’d rather invest my time building a quality product.
  2. I have deleted my Google+ presence. I simply wasn’t finding anything there that I couldn’t find elsewhere, and posting links there seems pointless. The final insult came when I tried to edit my profile from Firefox. I’d click the ‘Edit’ links and nothing would happen. I ended up having to install Chrome just to edit the profile! I gave up and just deleted it. So there are no more Google+ buttons on this site.
  3. I’ve turned off Disqus comments on the site. If you want to engage in a discussion with me, Twitter’s the place.
  4. I now have a Flickr account. At the moment, there’s nothing there but screenshots of Computational Journalism on a Stick, but I expect to be adding more images as time goes by. A terabyte of image storage …

CompJournoStick 1.2.0 Released

CompJournoStick 1.2.0 Released

I’ve just pushed the latest release of Computational Journalism on a Stick to Github. This release features a major update to the ISO creation script. It now allows creation of either generic or Fedora-branded ISOs, choice of five desktops and the ability to select either i686 (32-bit) or x86_64 (64-bit) software. I also documented the VMware Tools process. I’ve fixed some bugs and added some more editing tools, but the expanded ISO creation is the main feature of the release. You can file issues on Github here.

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